A rising voice in the field of medicine and innovation

Adam Hofmann is a Montreal-based physician, a health technology entrepreneur and author. He cares deeply about his patients, the practice of medicine, and examining the societal impact of technology on healthcare.

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Current Projects

Preventia Clinics

Preventia Clinics is a technology-enabled public preventive medicine clinic, based in Montreal and the Laurentians.


Medmo is an eConsultation and eReferral application, available now online, and on Android- and iOS-enabled devices.

Adam Hofmann, MD

Dr. Adam Hofmann is a practicing internal medicine physician working at the Saint-Jérôme Hospital, north of Montréal, Québec. He is also the founder of two health technology companies, ​Preventia Clinics and Medmo.ca.

​Dr. Hofmann writes extensively on healthcare, healthcare delivery, health technology and social analysis of technology. His writing has been featured in the Montreal Gazette and the Washington Post. His companies have been profiled in LaPresse, Journal Le Nord, and on TVA's Salut Bonjour.

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